Travel Clinic Services

Advice on all aspects of travel healthcare, quality travel accessories and Passport and Visa Photographs. We can provide a digital code if necessary for online passport applications.

We can provide all travel vaccinations (except Yellow Fever - see below*) as well as malaria tablets for travellers. Please telephone for advice, or to make an appointment.

When you attend a Travel Clinic appointment, we will ask you to fill in our Travel Risk Assessment Form. This will give us information about your trip, and about any health issues which may be important, so we can help you decide which vaccinations or malaria tablets you may need for your trip. It will also tell us about any previous vaccinations you may have had, so we can assess which further vaccinations you may need. When you come to your appointment, please remember to bring your vaccination record card, if you have one. We may be able to vaccinate you at your appointment, or we may need to order the vaccine(s) and arrange a second appointment. Please phone for advice.

We also offer Hepatitis B and Meningitis B vaccinations for children not eligible for NHS vaccines.

Please bear in mind that some vaccines are often in short supply, so prices may fluctuate. You can view our current prices here.

We offer Rapid Coronavirus testing using a lateral flow test. The result takes about 30 minutes and we can provide a "fit to fly" certificate. This currently is accepted by the Canary Islands, Italy and hauliers into France, but the situation is changing quickly, so if a rapid test is accepted by your destination country, we can provide it.

It is really important to get the right advice about travel healthcare when you are travelling abroad. It is not simply a case of "do I need malaria tablets where I am going", although this is also important.  Our advice on travel healthcare, vaccinations and antimalarial prophylaxis is provided using the latest official recommendations.

We can also advise about sun protection, tummy upsets, insect bites and other holiday risks.

We stock Travel Socks which may help prevent deep vein thromboses, particularly on longer journeys, and are able to advise on their suitability.

We also stock a large range of travel accessories and high quality sun protection.

Passport and ID photographs are printed while you wait. We will take your picture as many times as you like and print it when you are happy with the pose! Please ensure you let us know if the photos are for a passport as the criteria for these are far stricter than for other ID photos. We can provide a digital code if you are applying for your UK or Irish passport online.


* The vaccinations we can provide are:  Hepatitis A and B, Typhoid, 'Diphtheria, Tetanus and Polio' (DTP), Cholera, Meningitis, Rabies, Tick Borne Encephalitis, Japanese Encephalitis, Shingles, Pneumococcal pneumonia, Meningitis ACWY, Meningitis B and Chickenpox. At the moment we cannot provide Yellow Fever