Rogue's Gallery

Making the most of the Christmas spirit; each Christmas Eve our staff wear fancy dress. Each year has a theme and a group photo is a must!

We have a collection box on the counter so that a charity will benefit from our exploits!

2010 - The Victorian Pharmacy

Maddy, Wendy, Chris, Margaret, James, Michelle
Ryan and Joe

2009 - Romans!

Maddie, Katherine, Chris, Michelle, Wendy and James

2008 - The Wild West


James, Wendy, Katherine, Chris,  Michelle, Emily, Lisa,

 2007 "Harry Potter"

Hermione, Harry, Professor Snape
and Bellatrix Lestrange

(Maddie, Lisa, Chris and Michelle)

  2006 "James Bond"

Wendy, Michelle, Chris, Emily, Maddie and Jenny

2005 "The '70s"

 Chris, Maddie, Lynsey and Michelle.

2004  Gangsters and Flappers

 Kaly, Wendy, Emily, Andrea, Lynsey and Chris. 

2003  Henry VIII & his '7' wives!

Chris, Frances, Wendy, Michelle, Andrea, Emily, Leah & Kaly

 2002  "Cinderella"

 Leah (Ugly Sister) Lynsey  (Cinderella)  Amy(Prince Charming) , Kaly ("Tatty" Cinders) and Chris (Buttons)

2001   "Alice in Wonderland Characters"

 Emillie as Tweedle-Dum, Sarah as The White Rabbit,
Lynsey as the Queen of Hearts, Terry as Tweedle-Dee
and Alice as Alice!