Hadlow Pharmacy is owned by Chris and Manda Nicholls.

Chris began working at Hadlow Pharmacy in 1991 and took over the business in 1996. See History of Hadlow Pharmacy for more information on the history of this 150 year old village pharmacy.

Chris and Manda obtained their pharmacy degrees at the University of London School of Pharmacy. Chris works in the pharmacy full time and is always available to provide help and advice. He has completed additional training to be able to conduct Medicines Use Reviews, provide our travel clinic service and supply various medicines which are normally only available with a prescription (anti-malarial medicines for travellers, hair-loss treatment, erectile-dysfunction treatments and the seasonal 'flu, hepatitis B and travel vaccines)

Our locum pharmacists are Tracy Ogilvie and Natallia Hadome.

We all have considerable experience in pharmacy and one of us is always available to advise you on medicines and health issues.

Wendy Wells is our dispenser and Michelle Bradnam is our full time pharmacy assistant, dispenser and shop supervisor. Sam Haswell, Jasmine Ballinger and Chloe Martin are our part-time Pharmacy Assistants.

All our pharmacy staff undergo comprehensive training, and are either working towards, or have completed a certified Pharmacy Assistant's Course.

Michelle is also a trained "stop smoking" advisor to help you to give up smoking. (See here for more details)


You can be assured that you will receive the best advice possible whoever you see when you visit our pharmacy. A pharmacist is always available should you wish to consult them, and we have a private consultation room for personal or confidential discussions.


Christmas at Hadlow Pharmacy

For those of you who have not witnessed our Christmas fun, it has become traditional for us to dress up on Christmas Eve - click on Rogues Gallery to see some pictures

We normally have a collection tin on the counter on Christmas Eve and collect donations for a designated charity. Previous charities to benefit from our festive fun are Breast Cancer Campaign, Hospice in the Weald and the Guillan-Barre Syndrome Support Group.