Vaccination Service

The vaccinations we provide are:


Free NHS flu vaccinations for those over 65 or with an eligible medical condition. Please ask for details.

Private Flu vaccinations for those not eligible for a free NHS vaccine.

Meningitis B vaccination also available privately.

Children's Nasal Flu Vaccine (Fluenz Tetra) - please phone first to confirm availability.

Hepatitis B vaccinations for occupational health reasons. 

We also offer most vaccinations for travellers. See our travel clinic page .


Please call us for further details. We generally don't operate an appointment system, but can advise you on the best time to come.

We can normally vaccinate you immediately.

We can vaccinate children aged 5 to 17 (the NHS vaccinates those aged 2 to 7 this year).

Please phone us before you come as nasal vaccine and Meningitis B vaccine supplies are often limited.