Vaccination Service

The vaccinations we provide are:

Free NHS flu vaccinations for those over 65.

Free NHS flu vaccinations for those with an eligible medical condition.

Free NHS flu vaccinations for those aged 50 - 64. 

Private Flu vaccinations for those not eligible for a free NHS vaccine (£12.50) - currently not available unless you have face to face contact with patients, but we do have a waiting list.

Children's Nasal Flu Vaccine (Fluenz Tetra) - Please telephone to arrange an appointment (£36.00)

Meningitis B vaccinations for children.

Shingles vaccinations.

Hepatitis B vaccinations for occupational health reasons. 

We also offer most vaccinations for travellers. See our travel clinic page .

Please call us for further details. Normally we don't operate an appointment system, but Covid-19 means that this year, most vaccinations are by appointment, to help spread our workload.

We can vaccinate children aged 2 to 17 privately as long as the vaccine is available. 

Meningitis B vaccine supplies can be limited, but we normally have some in stock.