Repeat Dispensing Scheme

For regular medication the Repeat Dispensing Scheme is a convenient way of getting prescriptions

  • The Repeat Dispensing Scheme means that your doctor can prescribe several months prescriptions at once.
  • You then present the Master and the Monthly Instalment Prescriptions to us and we dispense them to you each month until the Master Prescription expires without you having to contact the surgery each month.*
  • We aim to have your medication ready for you to collect when your next instalment is due**
  • You may need to make an appointment with your doctor to start on this scheme and if they are happy to continue, they will issue up to 12 months prescriptions to you (normally they will issue 4 or 6 months at a time).
  • All local surgeries are participating in the Repeat Dispensing Scheme.


  • If your surgery is enabled for electronic prescribing, Repeat Dispensing prescriptions can also be sent to us electronically.

* You may keep the Monthly Instalment Prescriptions yourself and bring them to us each month, but once you have chosen one particular pharmacy to dispense your medication, you must collect all instalments from that pharmacy unless you obtain a new prescription from your doctor.

** We can only get your medication ready for pick up if we hold the Monthly Instalment Prescriptions.