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For those of you who have never seen a lab eating his dinner, the following video is 40 seconds long!

Click here for video

when he has finished, Echo has a quick check around Benson's bowl, just to check he didn't leave any (even if he can't quite reach!) Click here for video

And one more video - in January we had some snow. He seemed to enjoy it . . .

Click here

at 15 weeks, that little puppy bed is beginning to suffer . . .

he can hardly fit in it!

and he still sleeps with his mate. At 16kg, he's over half Benson's weight now (at 20 weeks).

Echo is now 6 months old and has discovered he likes swimming! 


oh - and the beach - click for video!

He is now 8 months old and just about the same  size as Benson. In fact, he is almost fully grown. He just has a little "filling out" to do!

Here is Echo playing with Benson

Here he is swimming at Leybourne Lakes, a country park near Aylesford in  Kent.

Click for a video!

and at 8 months, still looking like a puppy  . . !

Now, at 11 months, Echo still loves water. He goes swimming at least once a week at Leybourne  Lakes and enjoys the freedom of the beach too. Here are a couple of videos - 1. Being frightened of waves and 2. Not being frightened of waves!

Although Benson is old and can only play lying down now, they still play together well - see video.


Echo has just passed the Kennel Club's Bronze Good Citizen Dog Award, and is working on his Silver, at Ditton Dog Club.

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